Vistumbler increases the capacity of the limited Windows Vista and Windows 7 Wi-Fi network manager. Detect Wi-Fi networks by downloading Vistumbler for free

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If we use the Wi-Fi network manager included in Windows Vista and Windows 7, we might find that we are somewhat scarce of functions or information about each network, because it's a very basic tool. Vistumbler is a Wi-Fi network detector, based on NetStumbler, thanks to which we can obtain all the information about an access point.

  Once we launch the program we have to click on Scan APs (access points), that will start a scan of the networks that are within our reach, providing us with all the relevant information about each access point: strength, channel, kind of protection, SSID or encryption, among other things. We will also have the option to view the quality of each signal though graphs.

  The most interesting feature of this application is that it will allow us to export the list of networks in KML format, so that it can be imported to Google Earth and thus establish a list of the Wi-Fi points that we have accessed on a map.

  If you're looking for a version of NetStumbler that is totally free for Windows Vista or Windows 7, download Vistumbler now.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have a Wi-Fi device installed in our computer for this program to work properly.
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