Visual J# 2005

Express Edition

Visual J# 2005 is the environment developed by Microsoft focused on the development of Java applications in .NET Framework. Download Visual J# 2005 for free

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Within the free pack of tools to generate desktop and web applications, known as Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions, we can find the latest version of Visual J#.

  Visual J# 2005 Express Edition is a programing environment that offers students and non-professional programmers the possibility to create application and services in .NET Framework using the Java language syntax.

  The new features included in Visual J# 2005 are:
- Checks compatibility with CLS (Common Language Specification).
- Compatibility with internal exceptions.
- Run partial trusted code (applets), thanks to the inclusion of the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute in the Visual J# library.
- Improved compatibility when working simultaneously with different versions of Common Language Runtime.
- Changes in the exception control model to allow that the catch clauses that detect java.lang.Throwable exceptions can detect .NET exceptions inherited from System.Exception.
- Compatibility with the Java Bean style properties, with type conversion by means of CodeDOM and with documentation comments.

  Even though Visual J# isn't accepted in Visual Studio 2008 or later versions, you can still enjoy it in Visual Studio 2005.
Requirements and additional information:
This download is an installer that connects to the Internet once launched to download the files that are required for the installation of Visual J# 2005 Express Edition.
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