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Download VisualRoute, a complete network diagnostic tool to detect any problems. VisualRoute includes tools for traceroute, ping a signal or WHOIS

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VisualRoute is a network diagnostics tool that incorporates several utilities to obtain important information about our connections.

Traceroute and network diagnostics tools.

Tools included

  • Traceroute: this tool allows to graphically view where the information that you send via your Internet connection is sent. It is a diagnostic tool which monitors the packages which travel from one host to another, calculating the distances which separate each of them.
  • Ping: check the status of the host's connection with one or various remote computers. Check which is their status, their speed and quality of the network.
  • WHOIS: check the database who the owners of any domain name or IP address who the owners are.

One of the main advantages of VisualRoute is that all this information can be checked graphically, in other words, using maps full of data. Observe where you information travels when you use the Internet in the quickest way possible.


  • Detect package loss and response time.
  • Create remote agents to carry out inverse routes between two points.
  • Inverse DNS searches.
  • Access a history of data obtained.

Download VisualRoute and obtain all kinds of information about network diagnostics.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires Java.
  • The trial version lasts for 15 days.
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