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2008 12.0g

Download VisualRoute for free, a tool to carry out traceroutes. Discover the path followed by all the information you send and receive over the Internet

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VisualRoute is a tool which shows you the exact path followed by the data you send and receive by over your Internet connection. Just like the general traceroute applications, with VisualRoute you can see where the packages travel by means of a world map.

Traceroute and network diagnostic tool.


  • Discover the traceroute of the data that you send and receive over the Internet.
  • Create remote agents and carry out reverse tracing.
  • Complete reverse DNS searches.
  • Trace the response time of domains and IP addresses.
  • Access a data history.
  • Geographically locate network servers and routers.

All these features will help you to know how the network really works and diagnose possible connection problems. Discover how your data travels over the Internet.

Carry out traceroutes once you download VisualRoute for Linux.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations.
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