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The main target of Vivaldi is to become the browser that best adapts to the user. It intends to offer all users a much more flexible browsing experience

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A new contender has just arrived to take part in the browser war. It's called Vivaldi and it's backed by its creator, the ex Opera CEO, who has put all his knowledge at the service of this project that was born with a very clear idea in mind: to become the browser with the greatest capacity to adapt to the user.

The target of this browser is to adapt to the user.

To reach this objective, its developers have put all their effort into a series of features to try to make this browser rather different and flexible. For such purpose, aspects like keyboard shortcuts, speed dialling or integration of notes in the browser have become significant aspects of its development.

Main features

  • Access to quick commands by means of hotkeys.
  • Integrates the notepad into the browser.
  • Bookmarks organized to make it easier and faster to access them.
  • Tabs can be overlaid.

All in all, a project the intention of which is that the user itself adapts the browser to its habits, and not the other way around.

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