How to convert videos with VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player can convert the format of your multimedia files, either videos or audio files. To do so, click on Media in the upper toolbar and select the Convert option. The keyboard shortcut to open this option is CTRL+R.

Option to open VLC’s format converterOption to open VLC’s format converter

Click on the Add button to open a file explorer and locate the file you want to convert.

Button to add the file to be convertedButton to add the file to be converted

Once you locate the file, click Open in the lower right corner of the window.

Choose the file to be convertedChoose the file to be converted

With the file already added to the list, click the Convert/Save button in the lower right corner of the VLC window.

VLC’s  Convert buttonVLC’s Convert button

In the new window, choose the final output format of the file. Expand the menu and select the format you are looking for.

Choose the file’s final formatChoose the file’s final format

When you have chosen the final format, choose the final location of the converted file. Click the Browse button and select a directory on your hard drive.

Choose the folder to save the converted fileChoose the folder to save the converted file

Finally, click on the Start button in the lower right corner to start the conversion process.

Button to start the conversionButton to start the conversion

In a few seconds, you will have your new file ready with the modified format in the folder you specified. This means you do not need to use a third-party file converter software when something is not compatible with your player. All you have to do is use the function integrated with VLC, which in fact, goes unnoticed by the vast majority of software users, as well as other secondary functions that you should explore.