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Access your computer from a distance with VNC, an ideal tool to use a computer remotely. Take the software and install it, download VNC free on your Linux

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One of the best resources to control a computer remotely is VNC (Virtual Network Computing), thanks to which it is possible, only needing to know the IP address and password, to access any computer remotely and using it as if we were in front of the screen.

The best remote desktop software for Linux

Thanks to this program that we offer you it's possible to create a server on our Linux distribution, so as to be able to access from any other computer remotely. VNC Viewer is also a fundamental part of this pack, because it is an application that will allow us to control any computer with the server installed from our Linux machine.

Both the installation and the configuration are rather simple. Once we have the IP address of the computer, and we assign a password to the program, we'll have to have a client with which we will be able to access the computer on the Internet. Download this great application with which you'll be able to access any computer from anywhere in the world.

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