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With Vocabla you can extend your English vocabulary. Learn new words with a method based on drawing up word lists by signing up as a user of Vocabla

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When it comes to learning any language we can end up mastering its structures and speaking it more than correctly. Nevertheless, one of the things that we will never stop improving is our vocabulary. That is why Vocabla is so useful, as it is an online tool to learn English vocabulary based on creating lists.

Broaden your English vocabulary

The method used by Vocabla allows you to learn a great amount of words based on creating lists that, classified according to different criteria, contain words that have things in common. We can upload our own lists and share them, as well as being able to take different tests that will verify if we have absorbed new knowledge. We will also have a statistical record showing our progress.

Check out how efficient it is to create lists to learn vocabulary.


  • Translation of English vocabulary to Spanish and Polish.
  • Possibility to make use of the advanced language option that instead of translating, provides English definitions.
  • Take knowledge tests.
  • Lists that help you organise the words.
  • Possibility to download and share lists.

Sign up on Vocabla and make use of this efficient tool to learn much more English vocabulary.

Requirements and additional information:
  • It is necessary to sign up for free with an email address or using your Facebook ID.
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