Volumouse will allow you to control the volume of your computer with your mouse. Download Volumouse and reduce or increase the volume with you mouse wheel

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Volumouse is a simple application that will allow you to reduce or increase your computer's volume with the mouse. Changing the volume of your PC is rather uncomfortable and makes you lose time. But with Volumouse you will be able to decide by means of which shortcuts you will turn up the audio level on your computer. By simply using the wheel of your mouse you will be able to change the volume.

  To start off you will have to configure Volumouse to indicate by means of which keys or actions you will be able to access your computer's volume. You will be able to choose the keys that will increase or reduce the volume when you turn the wheel. For example, when you press Alt, and turn the wheel a small volume control that will decrease or increase depending on how you turn the wheel will appear on the screen.

  Volumouse will allow you to configure up to six actions, that can control six audio devices on your computer, there are also other actions: the speakers, the microphone, audio CD, the window transparency or the brightness of the screen.

  Download Volumouse and control your computer by means of your mouse.
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This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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