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Voodoo Doll is a game application for Android where the main character will take revenge for all the wrongs suffered by using a special voodoo doll


Take revenge on the world with your voodoo doll

December 30, 2021
7 / 10

Although it is not nice to say it, many of us have fantasized about having a voodoo doll to give a hard time to anyone who has crossed our path and given us problems. Well, Voodoo Doll uses this idea, although it is not us who will benefit from it but the protagonist of the game.

Take revenge with your voodoo doll

In this game, our protagonist will suffer different aggravations in her daily life, from her partner, her co-workers, or the passengers of a bus. We will then choose which part of the body of the doll we are going to mistreat so that the person who has annoyed us suffers what is deserved.

The game proposes levels where revenge is the order of the day, although we can also inflict damage to others as the only way to save the life of other people, so not everything will deal with being evil.

As we progress and complete objectives, we will be able to unlock outfits for our protagonist, helping her to look stylish while taking the law into her own hands.

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