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Voxeet is a useful VoIP that guarantees very high sound quality audio conferencing through PC and mobile devices. Download Voxeet free and start talking

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With Voxeet you can safely plan conferences through VoIP, as it ensures high sound quality. Voxeet is perfect for virtual meetings with multiple users!

High quality audio conversations.

Some advantages of Voxeet

Compared to other similar VoIP services like Skype, Voxeet has the following advantages:

  • High quality sound. Conversations are nice and crisp.
  • 3D immersive sound. Adds spatiality to conferences, achieving defining the sound source.
  • "on-the-go" function. Switch devices on the fly without interrupting the conversation.

How to use Voxeet?

To start using Voxeet, create your user account and login. Add your contacts and you're ready to make calls with Voxeet.

Voxeet includes a search function to locate contacts when you make calls and also send invitations via email to users who do not already have the application installed.

Download Voxeet free and discover a VoIP application in which premium call quality is ensured.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Works with Windows XP SP3 or above.
  • Requires the creation of an account on the service that can be done from the application itself.
  • The necessary components will be downloaded on installation.
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