Wajam provides you with results for your searches according to the opinions and recommendations of your friends. Wajam allows you to share your searches

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As you usually establish your personal relations with people with whom you share certain labour or entertainment interests, it would be logical to think that you also will be interested in what your acquaintances search for and recommend on the Internet. These are the guidelines set out by Wajam, a social search engine to access your friends' knowledge.

Guide your searches following your friends' criteria

Wajam runs as a browser add-on and allows you to carry out social searches on the Internet. This means that when you use services such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YouTube or Amazon, you'll obtain customized results based on comments made by your friends, on what they like or on their recommendations about places, videos, products, etc. These results will be displayed according to their importance, with the list of friends that have shared the most information about the issue in question.

Wajam runs like a browser add-on


  • Social search tool based on your friends' and contacts' tastes and opinions.
  • Compatible with the main search services.
  • Possibility to share searches.
  • Compatibility with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn).
  • Available for Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  • Possibility to access the tool from Facebook and Twitter.

Wajam doesn't harm your privacy

Wajam doesn't share your searches with your friends and specially not with third parties. To share the results of a certain search, you have to give authorization as indicated above, and this program obviously doesn't store passwords or share your search history. In fact, it's an application considered as trustworthy by companies such as Norton and McAfee and has been granted a TRUSTe certificate.

Obtain search results that suit your tastes and preferences with the help of your friends and Wajam.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a free user registry.
  • Requires a user profile on Twitter or Facebook.
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