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An interesting application is revolutionizing how we wake up in the morning. With Wakie you'll be woken up by the call and the voice of another user

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Fed up of the same bothersome alarm tone ringing every morning? You won't have to put up with it for much longer if you decide to try out Wakie, the application that's the real rage among smartphone users, and that swaps the traditional alarm clock for a call from another user.

Forget about alarm clocks, let a stranger wake you up every morning.

Wakie: the first human alarm clock for phones

It isn't exactly the same as waking up next to a stranger, but the first voice you'll hear in the morning will belong to an unknown person. Just set your alarm for whatever time you need to get up, and you'll receive a call from another Wakie user to tell you to get out of bed.

Calls last a maximum of 60 seconds, and there's nothing to worry about in terms of security issues, because no personal details or phone numbers will be disclosed under any circumstances. Furthermore, you also can become a human alarm clock yourself, calling other users through the application.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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