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By downloading WalkieTalkie you can talk with your friends on Mac for free without complications. Enjoy the best VoIP technology sound with WalkieTalkie

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Making free phone calls from your Mac is child's play thanks to WalkieTalkie. This program uses VoIP technology to deliver the best possible sound with minimal computer resource consumption.

No complex installations or high resource consumption

WalkieTalkie doesn't require complicated installations. In fact, all you have to do is choose a username to be able to talk with online friends at any given moment. The low resource consumption makes it ideal for keeping it in the background while running other applications.


  • Real full duplex communications.
  • Shows which of your contacts are online.
  • No need to open ports or configure routers.
  • Compatible with versions of the application on other platforms.
  • Clean sound.

Download WalkieTalkie for Mac right now and enjoy free, crisp, VoIP communications.

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