Wallapop is one of the most popular mobile applications for buying and selling products in Spain. Although competitors such as Vinted have recently emerged, this is a platform that already has over 10 million users. So, since money from the sales and purchases of all of them is involved, it is important to ensure the security of the transactions. Here, we tell you if it is safe to buy and sell and how to avoid scams on Wallapop.

Is the second-hand market on Wallapop safe?

The quick answer is yes, although with nuances. Of course, there is always the possibility of being unlucky and being scammed when buying or selling on Wallapop, but there are several rules and parameters designed to prevent this from happening. To begin with, it should be noted that to bill for the products sold in the app, the user must enter a valid ID in the platform, something that already creates a security barrier because the identity of the sellers is registered.

In addition, there are other measures taken by Wallapop to avoid scams. Verifying that product photos uploaded to the app have not been previously published on the internet or warning the buyer or seller of possible risks when it is detected that alternative payment methods have been discussed in the conversation are some additional examples.

Despite all these security measures, it is likely that with hand-delivered purchases, more problems will arise, or that after shipping the product in question, you will receive something different from what you were promised. Therefore, here are some tips to avoid being scammed.

How to avoid buying and selling problems on Wallapop

  • Always pay through the app with Wallapay: although the seller insists on using other payment methods such as PayPal, Bizum, or bank transfer, it is safest to use Wallapay because in case something goes wrong during the purchase process, Wallapop has your back and gives you your money back through Wallapop Protect. In addition, the application requires sellers to verify their personal data such as ID, full name, and bank details.
  • Check the seller's profile: before buying anything, it is advisable to visit the profile of the owner of the product you are interested in to check if the seller has several things for sale, has a profile picture, positive comments from other users, and enough purchases and sales, all this may be indicative that it is someone trustworthy or not.
  • Beware of very low prices: or very high prices, since in both cases it is likely that they have been set this way deliberately to attract the attention of buyers, making buyers think that it is a bargain (or a unique collector's item) and therefore rush to buy without taking precautions.
  • Do not buy or sell in remote areas: in case of meeting in person to make the purchase and sale, it is always advisable to organize the meeting in a crowded central location, preferably in broad daylight. This will prevent possible theft or other problems.
  • Always talk and negotiate within the app: this way, in case something goes wrong, we can report it directly to Wallapop and everything will be registered. So, if the buyer or seller asks us to continue the conversation outside the app (via Telegram, Whatsapp, or another application), you have the right to refuse.

Wallapop is usually trouble-free for buying or selling products. Yet, if something happens, you can go to the "Help Center" section of the application menu to read several articles reviewing all the possible mishaps and their solution.