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War for Kingship is an idle strategy game in which we will have to recruit a team of brave heroes in order to defeat all the monsters of Altair's world

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Altair's world needs us. In this interesting game of role playing, strategy and adventure we will have to explore a fantastic world, recruit a team of heroes and finish off the dragon of destruction and its forces of evil. Only we can stop the chaos that reigns in the world.

Fight the dragon of destruction with your team of heroes

This game introduces us to Altair, home of heroes and terrible monsters. Our main goal will be to form a team of brave heroes and save the world from destruction.

To get new members for the team we will have to gather resources in the battles and invest them in the altar of invocation. In addition, from the Heroes section we will be able to level up our characters and equip them with the weapons, armor and accessories that we get.

The battles take place automatically. In this way, our task is reduced to choosing the heroes that will go to fight and their combat training. Each character has certain powers, characteristics and class, which will be fundamental when thinking about our strategy and deploying our troops.

In addition, we can also collect artifacts, join a clan, buy items at the market, merge hero cards ... There will always be something to do, and will keep us entertained at all times. In addition, the 2D graphics are quite good, as is the soundtrack that will accompany us during the games.

War for Kingship is an AFK idle. That means we don't have to be glued to the screen for our heroes to pull out the stops, and they'll keep on defeating enemies and collecting treasure even when we're not playing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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