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Download Warblade for Mac, an arcade game where you will have avoid that the aliens manage to invade Earth. Protect it from an alien invasion in Warblade

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Warblade is a space shooter based on an old title that was launched decades ago for Amiga personal computers, Deluxe Galaga. It is a remake that transfers its playability and action to our days.

The planet, once again under attack from the bad guys

As you will suppose, the Martians have reached Earth once again with the intention of invading it. You and your space ship will be the last line of defense to protect it, so face off against the hordes of invaders from outer space and eliminate them with your shots.


  • Remake of the classic Deluxe Galaga for PC.
  • Play shoot'em up loaded with action.
  • Updated graphics.
  • Access new options according to game advances.
  • More than 75 different levels, some based on Deluxe Galaga and others which are totally new.
  • Includes new elements and surprises.

The planet depends of your skill piloting your spaceship and eliminating enemies. Save it and prove that martians doesn't have anything to do once you download Warblade complete for Mac, or at least a version where to get into contact with this galactic struggle.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo version has limited use.
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