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Create an invincible army and crush your enemies playing Warbound Storm, an amazing real-time strategy MOBA where you will fight the most stunning battles

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The NetEase Games studio does not have a single superfluous title in its catalog. Their seal is a guarantee of impressive games with deluxe graphics. On this occasion, they have released a real-time strategy MOBA that breaks slightly with the usual rules of the genre. And the result is spectacular.

Build a unique and powerful card deck

Warbound Storm is a multiplayer strategy war game in which, as in all MOBAs, players have to destroy the enemy base. But this time you won't control a hero as a team, you will have to build constructions, train troops, and fight, all on the battlefield.

You will play as a summoner, conjure up soldiers, and erect buildings at will.

In each game, your villagers will produce resources and minerals as they move forward. Your job is to manage your profits to erect various buildings such as barracks and defensive turrets, upgrade them and train new units for our army.

Each building provides a different skill set. For example, with the basic barracks, you will be able to summon soldiers and archers. In contrast, with the advanced ones, you will have access to catapults and royal knights. To train them, you will need some minerals and vacancies in your population (you cannot exceed the maximum).

When you have troops, you can command them to explore the map, looking for new mines to exploit and the enemy base. The game ends when one player destroys the other's base.

Of course, as you win games, you will get resources via the classic mechanism of collecting cards to improve and strengthen your skills, buildings, and army. This means that the system is similar to Clash Royale and other similar games that have become so popular.

This is a very cool and original MOBA that has been able to move away from the genre to offer a refreshing and fun experience. Besides, its artistic section is fantastic, and the battles are short (between ten and 15 minutes), so it is very dynamic. What more excuses do you need to download the APK file?

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Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
NetEase Games
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This year
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