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Warsow is a multiplayer shooter game in which you can use different weapons to wipe out your enemy. Download Warsow and make the most of its original design

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Warsow is a complete multiplatform game the main charm of which is that it is multiplayer and free. Its futuristic setting make it similar to classics like Quake or Unreal Tournament, even though its technical quality isn't so high.

  Nevertheless, the weapons available (missile launchers and lasers, among others) and the entertainment offered by its characters, who are quick and precise, make it worthy of consideration when it comes to playing an online FPS game, because it's one of the most entertaining games of this kind that we have come across.

  The design of the levels as well as that of the characters uses the so-called cel shading technique, thus making everything look as if it were drawn for a comic. The levels are designed with various combat zones, and each of them offers originality, so each battle will be different to the last one. Warsow is one of the most original shooters available.

  In Warsow we'll encounter various different game modes: capture the flag, place the bomb or simply kill as many enemies as possible without dying.
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This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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