Waste is a tool to create a private network with your friends and contacts and exchange and share all kinds of files with them. Download Waste for free

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P2P networks have enabled the possibility to share any file with anyone, no matter where they are in the world, but on many occasions we don't want to make public what we want to share, and we only want to make it available to certain contacts, that is when we need to use applications like Waste.

  This tool allows us to create private networks with whoever we want, and we can share files with the other members of this network, being able to access the public folders of all the network's users. It is also possible to use Waste to maintain conversations as if we were using a chat room, allowing us to hold private conversations with whoever we want.

  Tha application allows us to configure practically anything, from the file transfer speed, up to the password management, allowing us to create public passwords or generate secure passwords.

  Create your own network to share files with your friends and users easily, thanks to Waste.
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