Wax is a program to edit video that will allow anyone to easily apply a great variety of special effects in 2D and 3D. Download Wax free on your computer

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Wax is a complete program to edit video, with the peculiarity that it allows you to apply a large variety of special effects to the video in a quick and simple way. Professional video editors can be rather complex for users without a deep knowledge, that is why DebugMode Wax is the perfect tool for those people that want to edit a video with professional results without too many complications.

Main features

  • Allows you to apply special effects in 2D and 3D.
  • Can be used in other editing programs like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere as a plug-in.
  • Allows the creation and use of presets to apply effects from the application itself or from another editing program.
  • Support to use plug-ins and transitions from programs like Photoshop, VirtualDub or Windows Movie Maker.

Wax has the advantage of being very easy to use. To start off you'll only have to add the videos that you want to edit, and then drag and drop the videos on the timeline. If you want to apply transitions and special effects, you only have to choose one from the selection offered by Wax, and drag them to the video. You can also modify the effects to your own liking and save them in other applications.

Create stunning effects for your videos with Wax, a free application to edit videos.

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