1.0.12 With WeatherMan you can find out the weather in any town of your choice, the temperature and the humidity, the upcoming forecast. Download WeatherMan free
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Waking up in the morning and knowing the exact weather, temperature, and humidity outside without leaving our room is something that many people appreciate. It's also possible that someone that travels a lot may want to know the weather in various cities beforehand. For these cases, WeatherMan will be the perfect meteorologist straight from your Windows desktop.

The weather forecast on your desktop

Once installed, WeatherMan allows to know the weather with a glance: sunny, cloudy, misty, rainy,... what's more, it also provides a forecast for the following days as well as registering the daily data to easily have a history. It's even capable of indicating the average temperature for each day or even the full month.

On the other hand, WeatherMan stays on the taskbar showing the temperature of the city that we have selected (or the cities) and if we click on the icon we'll be able to view other important data.

This program connects to an enormous database that includes the most important cities in the world, making sure that almost all the important cities have their forecast.

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