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Webconverger is an operating system based on Debian that allows you to configure a computer in kiosk mode. Webconverger is ideal for public Internet access

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The kiosk mode can be found on many public computers. It consists in installing an application with minimum options, limiting access to other programs or elements of the operating system, being web browsing one of its main functionalities. The operating system Webconverger is based on the idea behind this kiosk mode.

The kiosk mode is ideal for public Internet access points.

Webconverger is a Linux operating system based on the Debian distribution that doesn't require many hardware resources. It basically offers a Firefox web browser with certain presets, such as the search engine that in this case is DuckDuckGo by default, or the deletion of browsing data after closing the window. It's a lightweight distro that comes in LiveCD format.


  • Operating system in kiosk mode.
  • Focused on web browsing.
  • Default settings.
  • Support for Adobe Flash, PDF and JavaScript.
  • Low resource requirements.
  • Automatic deletion of browsing data.

Therefore, Webconverger offers us a minimalistic environment, but with everything we need to browse and use web applications. Ideal to recover outdated computers or if you have to create public Internet access points, as proven by the great amount of public institutions and companies that use it.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to burn the image onto a disc to run the installation or virtualize it with an appropriate program.
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