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WebM Video is a plug-in for Internet Explorer 9 that allows you to view WebM videos. Make the WebM videos compatible with IE9 by downloading WebM Video

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Internet Explorer 9 doesn't offer native compatibility with WebM videos, thus you require an additional tool for this purpose. That is the case with WebM Video, a plug-in for this browser that allows you to view videos in this format on the Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating systems.

  And the thing is that the latest version of the browser is only compatible natively with H.264 videos, thus making it impossible to watch WebM videos if you don't have a tool like this one. That's why the developers over at Google have quickly launched it.

  WebM Video is compatible with the operating systems that the new browser supports: Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you're one of their users and you want to use Internet Explorer 9, you'll need this application to make it compatible with this kind of video.

  Downloading WebM Video for free will allow you to view WebM videos with Internet Explorer 9. Microsoft, that didn't include native support for this kind of videos in its browser must be enjoying the appearance of WebM Video as much or more than everyone else...
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