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Play your favorite old Nintendo games on your iPhone or iPad without needing to download emulators and without having to jailbreak your device with webNES

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Apple is removing all the console emulators from its App Store. So if we want to play old Nintendo or Mega Drive games, or titles from any other console, on our iPhone just as we can with Android, the only thing we can do is resort to webNES.

Without jailbreaks or any other strange actions

And we won't have to muck around with our phone either, putting its integrity at risk with a jailbreak or any other complicated operation. webNES is just a webapp that you can access from your browser, and that provides you with a fantastic emulator of the classic 8-bit Nintendo.

Old Nintendo games both for iPhone and iPad.

How does webNES work?

It's very easy: we have to access the web from our browser, and there we'll have a list of title available to have a game. One of the most interesting and noteworthy aspects is that it incorporates integration with Dropbox, therefore, it can search for files in .ROM format within our account.

Now you know, don't try to download any more Nintendo console emulators for iPhone, just go straight to webNES.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can only access this webapp from your iPhone or iPad.
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