WebShot WebShot is a program developed to capture websites with various image formats. What's more, WebShot is totally free and very easy-to-use, download it now
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It is possible that you may need to capture a full website to complete a study or simply for practical reasons. Carrying out this task by means of a traditional program to capture the screen or by means of the tool included in Windows can be somewhat tedious because it means that you will also have to work with a photograph editor.

Discover the most simple way to transfer the website of your choice to an image file

One of the best solutions currently available is, without any doubt, WebShot. It is a program with which you will only have to indicate the website that you want to see as if it were an image and wait for the program to export it to JPG, GIF, PNG or BMP format.

The application allows you to define the width that you want to save, it also offers you the possibility to capture various websites simultaneously and to define the quality and the location of the files that it generates. The interface is very simple, and it isn't at all difficult to understand, no matter what computing level the user has.

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