It is important for a website to have an appealing graphic design. Download WebStyle and you will be able to design all the elements on your website

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The general aspect of our website can be a main incentive when it comes to attracting visitors, and due to this fact it is advisable to have an appealing design, where all the elements are well designed. A tool that can help us design any graphic element of a website is WebStyle.

  This application allows us to design buttons, backgrounds, photo galleries and banners, among other things, through a very simple and intuitive interface. How it works is very simple: we first choose the kind of element that we want to design, the program provides us with a series of presets, we choose one and edit it to our own liking, and finally we export it in the appropriate format.

  What's more, the program includes an image editor specially indicated to optimize the files that will appear on the web, allowing us to modify the quality and the size, as well as small enhancements to the color, contrast and brightness.

  If you want a tool that will help you to design any graphic element that appears on your website, download WebStyle right now.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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