3.4 Download WebWasher and establish all sorts of filters that make your browsing more secure. WebWasher acts mainly against invasive elements and spyware
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When we browse a website, specially those of doubtful reputation, it's quite common that unwanted elements such as adverts, pop-ups or scripts are loaded, making us waste time and sometimes even money. WebWasher is a tool that filters them and avoids these elements from spoiling your browsing experience.

Filters to block and restrict unwanted elements on your browser.

WebWasher offers the user a simple configuration to establish different types of filters. These can either block pop-up windows and advertising banners or avoid sending private information to third parties, such as Internet searches or visited sites. All the latter with an appropriate user interface that allows us to define black lists of pages that can't be accessed by certain users.

What WebWasher has to offer

  • Filters to protect you against invasive adverts, pop-ups and scripts.
  • Antispyware filters.
  • Configure black lists of webs.
  • Statistical activity reports.
  • Password-based protection.

Without a doubt, WebWasher will make Internet browsing a much safer experience.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
WebWasher AG
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