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weeWX is a weather station management application for Linux computers. Download weeWX to work with the data from your weather station on your computer

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The best way to find out all the weather information is to have your own weather station at home. But these weather stations require the use of some sort of program to be able to compile the data in a very clear way. And when it comes to working with Linux this application has to be weeWX.

All the data on your website

The way how weeWX has been designed is clearly focused on providing the user with the data from the weather stations together with the code necessary to be able to embed it on a website, so that it will be possible to look it up no matter where you are.

Among the data provided by weeWX the user will find:

  • Temperature
  • Wind chill temperature
  • Humidity
  • Dew point
  • Wind
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • UV index
  • Solar radiation

Furthermore, weeWX shows graphics with:

  • Thermal variation
  • Rain per hour
  • Wind gusts
  • Barometric variations
  • And much more...

Therefore, if you want to put together your own weather forecast page at home using a Linux computer one of the best options available is to download weeWX for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a weather station to work.
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