With Wefisy you control the websites accessed by your kids, restricting their access and establishing password-protected timetables to use the computer

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So you've got kids at home that usually use the computer, but you don't want them to access the Internet without control because you know that there are certain contents that aren't recommendable for them.

Don't let your kids browse around Manchester City's website

If you're afraid of atrocities like the latter, you'll have to use a parental control program like Wefisy. With this software you can avoid that the youngest members of the household visit sites that aren't appropriate for their age, as well as being able to control how many hours they use the computer, by setting up password to block their access.

What can I do with parental control software

  • Block websites choosing between over 30 categories (social networks, pornography, malware...).
  • Create blacklists and whitelists.
  • Establish timetables.
  • Block P2P applications such as BitTorrent, uTorrent or Popcorn Time.
  • Block messaging programs like Skype or Telegram.
  • Close ports.

Now that you know, if you think your children are too young to see semi-naked bodies or have to go to bed early, this is the solution you need.

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