WhatIsMyIP? is the quickest way of finding out the IP of a computer. By downloading WhatIsMyIP? for free you will always know your PC's correct IP address

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There are various reasons why it can be necessary to know the IP of a computer, and one of the quickest and most simple ways of finding it out is installing WhatIsMyIP? on the Windows Sidebar for Windows Vista.

Find out your IP address

Knowing the IP address of a computer can be of great use to be able to play games online to be able to connect to a computer remotely, to detect a proxy, simply to know if a dynamic IP has changed or to be able to check if an IP hider has worked properly.

WhatIsMyIP? works in a very simple manner, it is only necessary to have Windows Sidebar active to be able to see the computer's IP, and if you need it for any reason, the gadget includes a button to export the IP address to the clipboard and another to update the address in case it has changed.

Therefore, if you want to know the IP address of your computer without having to resort to the command line console nor visiting a website, and you usually use the Windows Sidebar, download and install WhatIsMyIP?

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires Windows Vista with the Windows Sidebar active.
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