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What's Running indicates which processes are active on the system. Download What's Running for free and monitor the processes, services and IP connections

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What's Running is a tool that will show you what processes are active on the system, as well as other interesting data like the IP connections established, the services that are running or stopped, etc. With What's Running your PC will no longer have secrets for you, because you will know at all times what happens on your PC.

  All this information is organized in different sections that you will be able to access from a sidebar:
- Processes: contains all the details related with the processes that are active on your PC (processor load, memory usage, handle count,...).
- Services: allows you to monitor the Windows services, both if they are running as well as if they are stopped, and check their properties.
- Modules: provides information about the DLL and the executable system files that are in use, as well as the process that those modules have loaded.
- IP connections: shows a list with the system's active IP connections, indicating the connections established by each program that is running.
- Drivers: lists installed controllers and allows you to find new versions of the drivers that are being used.
- Startup: possibility to configure the system startup.

  If you notice that your computer is working slowly and you don't know why, or you want to find out if there is some strange process active on your PC, download What's Running and obtain a full report about your system's data.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 2000.
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