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Downloading WhatsApp Lock increases the protection of your WhatsApp messages. Lock the access to the app and take photos of nosy people with WhatsApp Lock

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For many people it is important to protect their privacy and that's why they won't let anyone nose around WhatsApp on their Android. Now these people can make use of WhatsApp Lock.

Greater security for your conversations

WhatsApp Lock adds another security barrier to your phone, apart from the screen lock that you may have already configured. It won't be possible to access WhatsApp unless you type in a four-digit PIN, and you can also customise the amount of time before the application locks automatically so that the user doesn't have to put in the PIN each time he/she leaves the application.

Yet another barrier to protect your WhatsApp messages.


  • Lock the access to WhatsApp by means of a PIN.
  • Configure the automatic lock time.
  • Low resource usage.
  • Activate the front camera each time the PIN is punched in erroneously.

Find out who tried to access WhatsApp

Do you suspect someone is interested in your conversations? WhatsApp Lock allows you to set a trap, as each time the PIN is mistaken, phones with a front camera will take a picture of the intruder. Therefore, you can know who has been sticking their nose in your affairs...

Download WhatsApp Lock and increase your privacy.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
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