WhatsApp Plus Tips & Tricks: the best guide for the WhatsApp MOD

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the true king of instant messaging communications. Despite the emergence of new alternatives to send messages and share photos and videos of the likes of Telegram or Signal, and the efforts made by old-time rivals such as LINE, WeChat or Facebook Messenger, nobody is capable of putting up a decent fight against the chat service created by Brian Action and Jan Koum back in 2009.

And that’s also regardless of the fact that many of these competitors that have tried to overthrow it are much more complete, incorporating functions and features that are much-demanded by its users. However, its over 1.5 billion users still make it the number one communications app in the world: not having WhatsApp means that you’re almost transparent for the society.

But what can we do if we want to continue using WhatsApp and also make the most of other more advanced and complete functions? The only solution is to resort to the so-called WhatsApp MODs, modified versions of the official client maintained and developed by Facebook, which incorporate precisely what its users have been asking for: more and better features without giving up on using the most popular messenger service in the world.

There are dozens of MODs available but one of them stands out from the rest due to its popularity, features, and performance: WhatsApp Plus is the WhatsApp MOD par excellence. Developed by the Official Plus team, the same guys behind the development of other modified clients such as GBWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, OGYouTube or Instagram Plus, it has become a reference for the rest of MOD creators. And it does exactly what it name indicates: it give WhatsApp a plus, a little extra shove.

Amongst its most noteworthy features, we have to point out the possibility to use two phone numbers on the same Android smartphone, install themes to customize the user’s interface, improve the app’s security and privacy options, skip the limits imposed by the official developers in terms of size restrictions for shared files, prevent our contacts from viewing our status or profile picture, etc. All in all, all the functions that we’ve always wanted to use on the official WhatsApp.

However, the APK of WhatsApp Plus can’t be downloaded from Google Play since its development hasn’t been authorized by the owners of its source code. For such purpose, downloading, installing, and updating the app aren’t carried out as usual and could do with a short explanation that we’ve included in this guide with tips and tricks. A tiny tutorial that also intends to teach the user how to configure the appropriately to take advantage of all its functions and settle any doubts or concerns that may arise regarding the legality and security of this MOD, as nobody wants their personal details to be exposed or to get banned from the service.

Thus, we’ll learn about all those tricks necessary to carry out actions such as hiding our ‘online’ or ‘writing’ status, carrying out backups of our WhatsApp chats to later restore them in WhatsApp Plus, use two accounts at the same time on the same device, and we’ll also break down all its pros and cons, comparing it to its main rivals on the Android market. And don’t forget to ask for help if you can’t find the answer to your doubts and questions about this MOD.

WhatsApp Plus for iOS: can it be downloaded?

Yes, there’s a WhatsApp Plus for iOS. To be able to use the iPhone version, there are two options depending on whether your device has a jailbreak or not:


How to reply with WhatsApp Plus

To be able to reply to a WhatsApp Plus message, you basically have to write your own message in the conversation. When you receive a message, there are two ways of accessing that chat:


The best alternatives to WhatsApp Plus

There’s hardly anything with more presence amongst Android fans than their enthusiasm to customize their experience on the operating system of the green robot. In fact, it’s probably one of the main reasons why users choose it over its greatest rival, iOS: the possibility to customize their handsets however they want. However, this customization feature is not only limited to the aspect of our home screen. A huge number of apps allow us to change the way they’re viewed on our screen, whether by applying filters (as is the case of the night mode on Google Play Books) or allowing as to modify any detail of our phone’s visual aspect (such as Nova Launcher, for instance).


What's new in WhatsApp Plus 2019: updates and changelog

Many new features have been incorporated to WhatsApp Plus in 2019 and we expect loads more to be added throughout the year, with improvements and changes being made in every update. For the time being, these are the changes made to the application and what’s new:


How to know if someone is using WhatsApp Plus

There’s no such thing as a 100% reliable way of know who is using WhatsApp Plus instead of the traditional WhatsApp, the only thing you can do is keep an eye out and check if you see any signs that could confirm your suspicions, unless your contact admits to using this MOD. In any case, keep an eye out for the following signs that could mean that someone is using WhatsApp Plus:


WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp: comparison and differences

There are basically no differences between these two WhatsApp MODs which turn out to be two of the most popular modified versions of the official instant messaging app. The only few differences are based on the visual aspect of their respective themes because in terms of their main functions, they both offer us very similar features. These are some of the functions available:


How to use 2 WhatsApp numbers with WhatsApp Plus

To be able to use two WhatsApp numbers on the same phone with WhatsApp Plus without root or without a double SIM card slot, we have to follow these steps:


What's the size of WhatsApp Plus

The size of WhatsApp Plus varies with each new version. We have to bear in mind that it’s a WhatsApp MOD and that, just like any other application, every time it gets an update and incorporates new features and functions, the size of the APK can change. Therefore, to know how much the file weighs we simply have to download the APK. However, we know that it will definitely weigh slightly more than the original app. Thus, just for your information, this version 6.70 weighs 35.5MB, whilst previous versions weighed slightly more or less: 6.20 was down to 33.8MB, 6.12 up to 38.5MB y 6.10 even heavier at 38.61MB.


Opinions about WhatsApp Plus: pros and cons

WhatsApp Plus is the most downloaded Whatspp MOD of them all here’s what the editors of Malavida think about it:


Can I get banned from WhatsApp for using WhatsApp Plus?

At present, you can no longer get banned for using WhatsApp Plus, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get banned in the future. The fact is that some time ago, WhatsApp kicked out any user that used mods of the likes of WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent or any other development based on the famous instant messaging and chat app.


How to hide the 'online' status in WhatsApp Plus

To be able to hide our online status in WhatsApp and prevent anyone from viewing if we’re connected or not, we have to follow these steps:


How to customize WhatsApp Plus

Once we’ve downloaded and installed the app, we only have to bear in mind the following concepts if we want to customize it that we’ll find within the settings and configuration section in many cases. In others, such as the possibility to modify aspects of a specific contact, we’ll have to access the settings of that contact in question. Find out how to modify the most important features and functions:


How to uninstall WhatsApp Plus

If you’re fed up of this unofficial version of WhatsApp or it’s giving you some trouble, you might want to uninstall it. To do so, you only have to follow these steps, similar to those that you would carry out to delete any other app from your device:


How to configure WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus offers us different options in terms of customization in different areas. The latter can be found in the settings and configuration menu of WhatsApp Plus:


How to copy chats from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus

To be able to move your WhatsApp chats to WhatsApp Plus so you don’t lose any of your conversations, you have to carry out the following actions:


How to update WhatsApp Plus

This application, unlike any other one that you can install from Google Play, doesn’t receive automatic updates as it requires certain collaboration on behalf of the user. Whenever a new version becomes available, a notification is shown, allowing us to choose between any of the two following options to update WhatsApp+ to the latest version:


What is WhatsApp Plus and what's it for?

WhatsApp Plus is an unofficial modified version of the instant messaging and chat application, WhatsApp, that allows us to use this messenger but with more options and customization functions than in the original application. It was created by a Spanish guy known as Rafaelete some years ago, being released in 2012 the first version of this development that is based on the original application.


How to use WhastApp Plus and how it works

If you’re used to using WhatsApp, you shouldn’t have any trouble to know how to use WhatsApp Plus. It’s almost identical to the official application except for the installation process. Since you can’t download the app from Google Play, the latter varies slightly. But, essentially, all you have to do once you’ve downloaded and installed the application is sign up with your phone number just as you would do with the original WhatsApp application.


How to install WhastApp Plus

Installing WhatsApp Plus is slightly different to how you would install any other app that you may download from Google Play. That’s because it isn’t an official development and it infringes certain terms of use of this service. Therefore, it has been banned from Android’s official marketplace. For such purpose, you’ll have to follow these steps to be able to install this application:


Is WhatsApp Plus legal?

Using WhatsApp Plus isn’t illegal but the development does go against certain copyright laws since WhatsApp has never publicly released its API to be used by other developers to create projects of this nature. However, it’s also true that WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be too bothered by the presence of the Plus mod because, otherwise, they would have put more effort into blocking its use or banning those users who had downloaded the app and were using it instead of the original official application (at WhatsApp Inc. they are perfectly aware of who uses the Plus version and who doesn’t).


Is WhatsApp Plus safe?

In the words of its own developer, using WhatsApp Plus is totally safe. However, it’s perfectly comprehensible that certain doubts may arise amongst its users regarding several different aspects, especially if we bear in mind that this version of the chat and instant messaging application isn’t backed or supported by WhatsApp Inc.:


October 22, 2018