WhatsApp Plus is without a doubt one of the best WhatsApp MODs. Yet, it does not mean that we do not have high-quality alternatives that offer features up to its level. Let us show you a list of the best MODS that you can find and that offer features similar to Plus, highlighting in each case those characteristics that may be interesting for you

Which is the best WhatsApp Plus alternative

These are the main options available to you if you want to change WhatsApp Plus for another MOD:

GBWhatsApp, use two WhatsApp accounts at the same time

GBWhatsApp interface screenshotsGBWhatsApp interface screenshots

If we take a quick look at GBWhatsApp, we’ll probably think that we’ve wasted our time installing it: it doesn’t look any different to the original version at a first glance. However, when we start exploring inside, we’ll realize that the app is much more than what it seems.

To begin with, GBWhatsApp allows us to use up to two different accounts in the same application, therefore, having two SIM cards on the same phone or an alternative phone number now becomes pointless. Yes, you will need to have a phone switched on with the second number to receive the verification code but that’s it, after that you can switch it off.

Finally, GBWhatsApp comes along with loads of privacy options hidden within the app’s foundations. Once we access the submenus from the button to start a conversation we can find them all and check that we can really become invisible even when we’re online.

OGWhatsApp, several WhatsApp accounts at once

OGWhatsApp interface screenshotsOGWhatsApp interface screenshots

OGWhatsApp is basically exactly the same as GBWhatsApp (they have both been created by the same person). They share the same design, functions, and even the same gallery of visual themes as they both use the same repository. So, what’s it for?

Well, it’s only real use at present is to allow us to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone… or even three. This MOD, together with WhatsApp Messenger and GBWhatsApp, allows us to use up to 3 phone numbers working on WhatsApp at once. And the truth is that you could use even more numbers with other compatible MODs, by cloning apps or using different Android profiles.

If you’re interested in having more than two WhatsApp accounts, this is one of the best options. Don’t try to find more differences because there aren’t any.

YOWhatsApp, the origin of many MODs

YOWhatsApp interface screenshotsYOWhatsApp interface screenshots

Developed by Yousef Al-Basha, it’s the most popular MOD belonging to a different range of clients when compared to what we’ve seen in GBWhatsApp or OGWhatsApp. The section with the chats, statuses, and calls is identical to that of the official client but the options menus have been redesigned and reorganized. However, here we’ll also find the same theme library than in the previous options.

It’s the ideal option for users searching for a lighter and less overwhelming client. It updates quite often, which guarantees its correct functioning and avoiding WhatsApp bans, although we can never be 100% sure when using any kind of MOD.

WhatsApp Mix, a combo of new options

WhatsApp Mix interface screenshotsWhatsApp Mix interface screenshots

WhatsApp Mix is another MOD created by the user called Nairo Mix, in which the main difference can also be found in its interface and visual design as it uses a light blue color that draws our attention due to how different it is to the usual colors. In theory, we can modify the general theme but in this case, the repository isn’t accessible.

Apart from that, the other difference has to do with the layout of basic buttons such as starting a conversation or reorganizing the menu, which clearly separates the settings that have to do with the style and those that have to with privacy issues in order to be able to get to them easier.

From there on, we can find a few more differences, such as the maximum size of audios and videos we can send (100 MB and 55 MB respectively) or the option to send messages to numbers that aren’t on our contact list without having to save them.

Soula WhatsApp, only privacy

Soula WhatsApp interface screenshotsSoula WhatsApp interface screenshots

If we previously mentioned that YOWhatsApp only had visual options, Soula is totally the opposite. Here there aren’t only themes to be installed or settings relative to the interface, as everything revolves around basic security issues for this kind of development, which doesn’t add anything new either.

If you don’t want to make things too complicated, you’re 100% satisfied with the classic WhatsApp’s aspect and the only thing you’re concerned about is not being seen online or not showing the double blue check, this is the MOD you need.

FMWhatsApp, the alternative to AlexMods

FMWhatsApp interface screenshotsFMWhatsApp interface screenshots

Another MOD that’s very similar to the rest of the apps on this list, with an interface the combines the aspect of the official client when it comes to the chat windows with the visual aspect of YOWhatsApp when it comes to the settings menu. Graphical and privacy options that make it one of the best clients on this list: you can hide your status or install new themes from the same repository used by the majority of MODs.

Maybe the most eye-catching aspect is that since it has been developed by a different user, the update times change regarding those apps developed by AlexMods. Also, the flight mode, integrated into the Chats tab, which allows us to turn off conversations without giving up on our Internet connection for the rest of the functions of our phone or a renovated camera design.

WhatsApp+ JiMODs, a YOWhatsApp clone

WhatsApp+ JiMODs interface screenshotsWhatsApp+ JiMODs interface screenshots

WhatsApp Plus JiMODs, also known as JTWhatsApp, is another great alternative to WhatsApp Plus although the truth is that it doesn’t offer us hardly anything different to what the rest of MODs on this list provide us. Basically because, just like FMWhatsApp, it’s based on YOWhatsApp.

You’ve got all the visual and privacy options available including the flight mode. A few minor changes to the icons… And hardly anything else to mention.

WhatsApp Aero, an improvement to customization

WhatsApp Aero interface screenshotsWhatsApp Aero interface screenshots

Another WhatsApp MOD that works very well is WhatsApp Aero, also known as AeroWhatsApp. Like the vast majority of apps on this list, it focuses on small improvements that optimize the operation of the official application, with special emphasis on what its developers call "removing the limitations" of WhatsApp. These improvements mainly affect the privacy of the user concerning the rest of the users and the customization options.

And this is precisely where we find the strength of WhatsApp Aero because, among its main features, we must highlight the ability to download over 3,000 different themes to change the visual appearance of our messenger and give it a much more colorful touch. To this, we must add the colorphone themes, which are attractive dynamic effects for our chats, and the option to create our own themes.

HeyWhatsApp, the improved WhatsApp from HeyMods

HeyWhatsApp interface screenshotsHeyWhatsApp interface screenshots

HeyWhatsApp is the WhatsApp MOD developed by HeyMods, who lately has taken over from AlexMods, becoming the main developers of both WhatsApp Plus and GBWhatsApp, without being the original creators of them. This MOD is directly based on these huge WhatsApp variations, in addition to YOWhatsApp on which it is clearly based.

The truth is that there is little to highlight concerning the rest of the MODs on this list, but it deserves a place in this compilation because it works well, is updated very often, which is even more important to continue enjoying all the new features of the official WhatsApp with our MOD, and because we do not miss anything: improved privacy options, more customization options, theme store, and the elimination of various limitations.