Who stole my pictures?


Who stole my pictures? is a tool that allows you to find out where and how your images are being used on the Internet in a simple and rapid manner

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With Who stole my pictures? we can check how our images are being used on the Internet. This Firefox add-on helps us to find our photos on several Internet services, like Google for instance. If you're worried about any of your pictures being shared on the Internet without your permission, download Who stole my pictures? for free.

Find copies of your images.

How to use Who stole my pictures?

Once installed on our Firefox, you only have to right click with your mouse. The menu will show us a section of Who stole my pictures? and offer us several options:

  • Search image on Yandex.ru.
  • Search image on Teneye.com.
  • Search image on Google.com.
  • Upload local image to Yandex.ru.
  • Upload local image to Teneye.com.
  • Upload local image to Google.com.

If we choose Search image on Google.com, for instance, Who stole my pictures? will search on Google for images similar to the one we have chosen. However, if we choose Upload local image to Google.com, we'll be able to open an image stored on our computer to check how it's being used on the Internet.

Using Who stole my pictures? is as simple as that. You can now find out how your images are being used on the Internet and by who.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires Firefox.
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