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Do you want to find out if a domain is free or registered? Whois is an application written in C# that will allow you to know this and other information about any domain. To do so, the application automatically accesses the WHOIS server, which is responsible for storing the relevant information about each domain.

Information provided by Whois

To start off, the application offers the following information:

  • Domain name.
  • Company through which it has been registered and its URL.
  • Name of the server where the website is hosted.
  • Working status.
  • The creation and last update dates, as well as the date on which the domain expires if it isn't renovated beforehand.

As complementary information, in many cases, it is also possible to check more detailed information like the name of the company or the person that has registered the domain, their address or other contact data.

Furthermore, Whois shows a preview of the web site hosted under the domain in question, and also offers a history of the URLs that we have checked, classifying them in two categories: available and used.

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