Use WhoisView to know who is behind a specific domain or an IP address. Download WhoisView free on your computer and find out all this public information

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When we need to find out the data connected to an IP or a domain on the Internet, we usually turn to websites specialized in offering the information that is commonly known as WHOIS.

  WHOIS (pronounced who is) is a query/response protocol, that is used to obtain the name and address of the owner of a domain, and the information regarding the company they acquired it from.

  WhoisView is a desktop tool to track down the most important servers to offer us all these details without having to access our browser.

  The information appears in a text box. And a really good advantage is that the application can work in the background.

  The servers it uses can be found stored in a TXT document in the program's folder. We will be able to edit it directly from the application by means of the configuration button.

  WhoisView is quite light and simple, even though it carries it out its task without any problem.

  Ideal for web administrators, journalists, students and all kinds of people and institutions interested in knowing who is behind the net.
Requirements and additional information:
For this application to work properly it requires an Internet connection.
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Antony Peel
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