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No plans for this Friday night? With Who's Down you can discover who's free to get together and tell everyone that you haven't got anything to do either

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Google wants to reinvent the way we meet up with our friends. If until now the most comfortable thin was to send a WhatsApp message to our friends to see who had an interesting idea, the guys at Mountain View want us to move over to Who's Down.

If you don't go out, it's because you don't want to.

With this application we'll be able to find out which of our friends are as bored as us, tell everyone who desperate we are to do something this weekend and even list all the plans that we're willing to take part in, whether getting together for dinner, going to the movies, having a drink or feeding pigeons from a bench.

How to use Who's Down

Unfortunately, this application is available all over the world yet, and in some places you still require an invitation to be able to use it, but if you're lucky enough to have one, here's how to use the app:

  • Slide the button to show you're free.
  • Add the activities you'd like to take part in.
  • Get to know which friends are also willing to get together.
  • Start chatting to set a time and place.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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