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With WiFi Hacker Ultimate you're not going to steal WiFi or hack the Internet, but some people will believe so because it shows some weird stuff on screen

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If you've seen CSI Cyber or any other movie or series that shows a Hollywood version of a group of hackers, you'll find WiFi Hacker Ultimate very familiar. It's considered as an application to decrypt the keys of wireless networks but the truth is that it's a simple prank for Android smartphones.

Play at detecting and decrypting passwords

Although after downloading and installing the APK of this application it can detect nearby networks (nothing to boast about, our phone already does that natively), you can't use it for anything else: the process shows us a series of codes as if our smartphone were hacking the Pentagon, the NASA and your local football club all at once.

And you will definitely not come across Neo or Morfeo with their red or blue pills, and neither Edward Snowden to clean your shoes: you'll just sit there with a dumb face because you downloaded this program thinking you were going to be able to get onto your neighbor's WiFi. At least it's free.

Don't believe your mate the next time he tells he's got the best WiFi hacking app.

So, if you're expecting to become a network mastermind to be able to connect to the Internet without your ISP making any money with you, you'd better try out other apps to audit networks. Or just don't spend all your pocket money on the latest Samsung Galaxy or iPhone and save some change to pay your Internet bill. As simple as that.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.2.
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