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WiFi Radar provides the possibility to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Download WiFi Radar for free and scan all the access point available in the vicinity

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In many cases, we may be interested in detecting the wireless networks that are within reach of our receiver, in others we'll only require a comfortable way to be able to configure our own Wi-Fi connection. To do so, we can use an application like WiFi Radar that scouts our surroundings in search of Wi-Fi access points and also offers us the possibility to configure them.

  WiFi Radar is a tool focused on the management of wireless connections, by means of which you will be able to create different profiles for each of your favorite Wi-Fi networks, as well as managing them and organizing them depending on the priority you assign to them.

  For each profile generated, you'll be able to define a series of parameters like the name of the network, its address, some wireless options (mode, channels, security), manually configuring the network (IP, network mask, domain, primary and secondary DNS,...), and more.

  Manage and organize different Wi-Fi connections, thanks to WiFi Radar.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have the following applications installed in your Linux distribution: Python, PyGtk2 and Wireless Tools for Linux (iwconfig).
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