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WiFi SiStr shows information about the Wi-Fi signal that you are connected to. Monitor the intensity of your wireless signal by downloading WiFi SiStr free

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WiFi SiStr provides you with a great amount of data about the Wi-Fi signal that you are connected to. Thanks to this application you'll be able to see the signal that your computer receives on a display.

Main features

Since it's such a limited utility, that majority of options are about customization, among which it's worth highlighting:

  • Various styles for the application.
  • Different display sizes.
  • Configure the refresh time.
  • Kind of view for the application.
  • Possibility to add new themes created by the user.

In any of the designs, you will always be able to see the dBm at which the signal is received and a bar that will indicate this data visually. This will help you to place the PC in the proper location to be able to receive the maximum signal strength possible.

Nowadays, there's a large number of widgets that you can configure on your desktop to know the amount of Wi-Fi signal that you are receiving, and the truth is that WiFi SiStr is one of the best available.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires .NET Framework 1.1.
  • Doesn't work on Windows Vista.
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Antony Peel
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