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With WIFI WPS WPA Tester you can scan wireless networks within your reach to check their accessibility. It's useful to define the security of your WiFi

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You might not know what WPS is all about, but don't worry, we'll tell you: it's a mechanism included in many routers to simplify the connection of any device to a WiFi network when we don't know its password. However, to be able t connect to that router, this function needs to be enabled.

It works as follows: the smartphone or tablet transmits a number code to the router, an 8-digit PIN, and the latter sends back data to be able to connect. It definitely simplifies the connection to a network as it's much easier to access using this method than trying to guess a WPA2 password.

So-called network auditing: it's basically stealing WiFi

And although the developer of WIFI WPS WPA Tester warns us that this application hasn't been created to be used unlawfully, we can confirm that nobody uses it to check if their home WiFi is secure or not. Its main function to have access to a network wherever we go so that we don't have to waste our data plan.

A simple scan to discover accessible networks within your reach.

By downloading the APK, you'll be able to see that the app works similarly to others of this kind. In other words, carrying out a quick scan and then clicking on those networks detected. Those that are vulnerable to an unlawful access will appear as potentially open networks, being able to start the PIN exchange and achieving the number code.

The only drawback is that, to be able to use this WiFi unlocker, you're going to need super user permissions. In other words, you need to root your Android thanks to applications of the likes of KingRoot.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.0.
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Antony Peel
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