WiFi2HiFi transforms your Apple devices into audio receivers by means of Wi-Fi. Listen to what is being played on your PC with your iPhone with WiFi2HiFi

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Transforming your Apple device into a Wireless audio receiver is now possible thanks to WiFi2HiFi. This tool allows any of your devices to receive the sound that is being played on the computer via streaming, thus being able to listen to the music remotely.

  WiFi2HiFi acts as if your PC has an additional audio output socket. Thus you will be able to use the software signal that you use to play music and send it via this program to your mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  Once you have launched the application you will only have to configure the proper IP address to be able to connect both devices. From them you will be able to control playback parameters, such as the volume.

  If you're a user of any Apple hardware, WiFi2HiFi is a very good application to listen to music by means of streaming. Play your PC's audio on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and enjoy your music collection remotely.
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