Wii Messenger

1.11 (Wave 2)

Download Wii Messenger for free and apply the graphic design of the Nintendo Wii console to Windows Live Messenger 8.5. Wii Messenger is an appealing skin

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The latest game console by Nintendo has a very characteristic application design, with rounded forms and slightly childish. Everything is very easy to understand and use. That is the idea behind Wii Messenger, a skin for Windows Live Messenger 8.5 that will convert our favorite instant messaging client completely. It includes a design in several colors, even though the Nintendo Wii is basically white. What's more, the characteristic logo of the game console also appears.

  To tell the truth, this design is just a skin that uses the popular Messenger Plus! Live plug-in to redesign many of the parts of Windows Live Messenger 8.5, thus we can obtain an interface that is similar to that of the Wii. So if you like the Nintendo console or the form of its menus, and furthermore, you spend the whole day with Messenger open, then Wii Messenger is your perfect skin.

  Wii Messenger doesn't add any functionality to Windows Live Messenger 8.5, but it's much nicer.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires that you have Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and Messenger Plus! Live installed.
Ethan Li
Over a year ago
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