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WikMail is an email client that includes a selection of additional tools. Download WikMail free of charge to be able to manage all of your email accounts

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Each day it's more common to have only online email accounts (webmail) but when it comes to managing the contents of all of them, it's a good idea to have a desktop client with which you'll be able to work in a much more comfortable way, like for example WikMail.

A different email client

When you launch WikMail the first thing that will surprise you is that it's no way near as sober as the vast majority of mail client, having a design that is more casual and colorful. But what really makes WikMail an application worth taking into account is the vast amount of tools that it includes:

  • Email client. That offers compatibility with the POP3, IMAP, SMTP and RSS protocols, as well as including anti-SPAM protection.
  • Message editor. A WYSIWYG editor that will allow you to create spectacular templates for your messages.
  • Stationery. WikMail includes an editor with which you'll be able to customize your stationery material with your own logo.
  • Mail checker. A small desktop widget from which it will be possible to check if there is any inbound mail as well as offering us the possibility to check the weather forecast.

Therefore, if you want a desktop client that offers you multiple options, you only have to download WikMail for free.

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