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Will Hero is a platform games inspired by classics of this genre in which we have to try to advance beating our enemies in order to save the princess

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Augmented reality, hyper-realistic graphics, online battle royale shooters... yeah, that all sound really cool but those titles have got nothing to do when up against a decent platformer from the beginning of the 90s' such as those that we used to play on our 8 or 16-bit consoles or on arcade machines.

Save the princess in this arcade platform game

That's exactly what we'll find in Will Hero, an action-packed arcade platformer in which we have to attack our enemies and advance by simply tapping the screen. And all the latter, to reach the end of the game and rescue our beloved princess.

The basic weapons of our hero are to run into our enemies but we can also throw bombs and use knives, amongst other attacks. The only thing we need to bear in mind is that we shouldn't let our enemies jump on us, otherwise, they'll kill us.

A game style that never goes out of fashion despite the years.

Apart from that, we'll come across gifts on our way, such as chests full of coins or secret weapons, and there's also a store where we can improve our character's resources as well as dressing him up with all sorts of helmets: cat, dog, unicorn, raccoon, panda, chicken...

Do us a favor and download the APK of Will Hero right now if you want to play a great platform game for Android with decent graphics, full of action, and very addictive.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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