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1.2.100 Will of Shinobi is an action game where a group of ninjas and samurais will face multiple dangers that will help them to upgrade and acquire new skills
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If you arrived here because you are searching for the legendary Shinobi de Sega, we are sorry to disappoint you (although you can indeed find it on Malavida). But every cloud has a silver lining because Will of Shinobi is a good action-packed RPG.

Make your way in a world full of danger

This is a ninja and samurai game where we will control one of these warriors who, in the company of other heroes, will move around a fantasy world featuring a manga aesthetic and awesome settings from Asian culture. We will control our character from a third-person, 3D perspective in a format that became popular more than 20 years ago in games like Diablo.

We will direct our character using a joystick situated on the left of the screen and all his attacks using the buttons on the right, where we will find blows from swords and other weapons as well as magic spells. As we advance and defeat enemies, we will be able to upgrade our character's skills and unlock new magic powers to use against our enemies.

Apart from a vast world to move around in, the game offers us the opportunity to compete and interact with other players with whom we will be able to form alliances in order to advance more safely.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
Over a year ago
More than a year ago
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