Winamp Essentials Pack


Winamp Essentials Pack is a pack of tools and complements that increase the functions of Winamp. Download Winamp Essentials Pack right now for free

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Winamp Essentials Pack will extend the utilities and functions of the popular Winamp multimedia player with a collection of useful complements.

More functions for Winamp

If you already like Winamp due to its functions, with this utility pack you will like it even more. Winamp Essentials Pack will increase the compatibility of Winamp with a larger variety of codecs, or with improvements to the interface. In this pack of complements you'll find some improvements worth the while:

  • Convert music files to Ogg Vorbis format.
  • Option to get rid of the playlist.
  • Customize the preferences of Winamp.
  • Locate a file on the hard drive.
  • Function to place in queue and play.

Make Winamp even better

All in all, it will provide useful functions to your multimedia player and will manage to allow you to play a larger amount of formats without having any problems with the codecs. Furthermore, you'll be able to customize the interface however you want so that everything is in a place where it's handy.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that you have Winamp installed.

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