Optimize the Windows registry with WinContig and improve the file organisation on your hard drive. Download WinContig for free, it also acts on folders

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When we talk about defragmenting a hard drive, we are speaking about the process that fixes the fact that a file is distributed in various fragments that aren't contiguous on our hard drive, something that slows down launching an application or opening a file, and that causes the sensation that our computer doesn't work as quickly as it should.

  If we want to solve this problem we have to resort to the utility included in the majority of Windows operating systems or, on the contrary, use an application that is a lot more complete like WinContig.

  It is an application that doesn't only allow us to completely defragment our hard drives, it also allows us to perform this task in the folders that we select to do so, which will make the task a lot quicker, and will help us to have the most important files of our computer in the best conditions.

  The interface of WinContig is very easy to use, because it will only be necessary to select the folders or drives that we want to defrag, press the Start button and that's it, in a short period of time we will have those files that we choose well organized on our hard drive.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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